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Water Emergency at St George's estate

EastendHomes were made aware of the situation on St Georges estate at around 7.15 this morning. At this time the Fire Brigade were already on site 

EastendHomes emergency duty officer (ECO) arrived on site at approximately 7.30 and was in liaison with EeH Head of Housing Management and the St Georges estate local housing manager.

The water supply to the 3 tower blocks, Shearsmith, Hatton and Stockholm Houses had been shut down by the Fire brigade. The ECO officer then used the  manual override to fill the water tanks to Hatton and Stockholm and isolate the water  supply to Shearsmith House where the burst water pipe was located.

The engineer from EeH specialist contractor’s  arrived at approximately 8.15am and the water supply was reinstated  to Hatton and Stockholm Houses at around  9.40am. EeH Mechanical Engineer is also currently on site and will remain so for today 

Unfortunately there is still currently a problem at Shearsmith House because a split section of pipework must be replaced be replaced. EeH caretakers are on the estate and assisting with the mopping up in the lower floors of Shearsmith House.  

The St Georges housing office, which is located on the estate, delivered  letters to all three tower  blocks earlier  this morning. Bottled water has been delivered to all residents in Shearsmith House.

The water supply to Shearsmith House should be reinstated this afternoon. It is EeH intention to deliver a further update letter to Shearsmith House residents later this afternoon.

Both lifts in Shearsmith House were out of service; one is now back in service. Unfortunately the other lift is likely to remain out of service until Monday as a number are parts are required

The burst water pipe in Shearsmith House could not have been foreseen but from the point at which we were notifieds EeH staff have worked tirelessly to address the situation and to minimize inconvenience and discomfort for residents.

Update 5pm

The second lift at Shearsmith House has now been reinstated and water supply has been restored to all properties. EastendHomes are pressure-testing and checking the installation to ensure that everything is functioning properly.

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