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Update - Flood in Hatton House, St George's Estate, Shadwell

UPDATE 12/07/2019

Following the serious flood caused by a burst to the mains water pipe serving Hatton House, work has continued throughout the week to reinstate services to the block.

As of today water and electrical services have been fully restored to the block and both lifts are now back in service. Residents who have been in temporary accommodation for the past few days are also now able to return to their homes.

EastendHomes staff have worked exceptionally hard throughout the week in responding to this emergency incident and we are grateful also for the strong support provided by our repair contractor partners and Tower Hamlets council.


UPDATE 09/07/2019

Following the serious flood caused by a burst to the mains water pipe serving Hatton House, work has continued throughout the day to reinstate services to the block.

EastendHomes staff were on site throughout the evening and early hours of the morning and power to the block from the 8th floor and above was reinstated at approximately 4 am. The power is being supplied via an emergency generator. Water to the entire block had been restored by  late Monday afternoon.

Currently the electrics serving flats below the 8th floor remain affected by the flooding and need to dry out before power can be reinstated. Work to repair the damaged electrical system is scheduled to take place tomorrow and it is hoped the electrics will have dried out sufficiently by Thursday for the supply to the entire block to be restored.   

Hatton House has two lifts serving alternate floors and one of the lifts (serving the floors with odd numbers) was returned to service this afternoon following the completion of repairs. The other lift was seriously damaged in the flooding and remains out of service.

Tower Hamlets Council are continuing to assist EastendHomes in dealing with this emergency and are utilising the nearby community centre to provide meals for residents. The Council’s Emergency Planning Unit have also arranged temporary alternative accommodation for those residents who are unable to stay in their homes. The option of alternative accommodation for residents will continue to be available until all essential services have been reinstated to the block.

At the current time EastendHomes housing and technical staff, together with our contractor partners remain on site and are continuing to assist residents. An additional concierge will again be deployed in the block from this evening to provide additional assistance and security.

Another letter to all residents giving the latest information on the situation is being delivered to residents this afternoon and further updates on progress will be provided over the next few days.



On Monday the 8th July a water pipe burst on the 8th floor of Hatton House (St George's estate), flooding the communal areas and lift shafts.

EastendHomes have a local housing office on the estate and housing and technical staff were on site as soon as they were alerted to the problem. The water supply pipe has now been fixed; however while the building dries out and further maintenance takes place, the electricity and water supplies have been turned off. Further work is now being carried out and it is anticipated that the water supply to the block can be reinstated today.

EastendHomes are also arranging for a generator to be delivered which will enable emergency power to be provided to part of the block this evening. EastendHomes staff remain on site and are liaising with Tower Hamlets council to provide temporary accommodation for residents unable to return to their homes.

The lifts to the block are currently inoperable. Reinstatement of the lifts is currently being assessed and it is hoped that one lift will be back in service within the next few days.

In the meantime:

  • EastendHomes staff are contacting  all residents about the flooding.
  • The supply of a temporary generator is being expedited.
  • Temporary accommodation will be provided to any vulnerable or disabled residents who require it.
  • Food and refreshments are being served at a community centre close to Hatton House.
  • Water has been delivered to residents’ homes.
  • Temporary communal lighting will be installed in communal areas.
  • Additional concierge staff will be staffing the communal areas of Hatton House until the electricity is returned in full.

Paul Bloss, Chief Executive of EastendHomes said:

Our staff and technical partners are working hard to get this issue resolved as quickly as possible and we are liaising with Tower Hamlets council who are helping to provide temporary facilities and refreshments for residents.

We are doing everything possible to reinstate water and electricity supplies as soon as feasible and we would like to thank all residents of Hatton House and St George's estate for their co-operation during this time.

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